Safes - Utility in All Sizes

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Safes - Utility in All Sizes

A safe defines itself. It is something you keep things you value in. Whether you want to protect expensive jewelry, a firearm, important documents, photos, or sentimental pieces, having that safe place to put them is very important. Safes not only provide a special secure location but can also protect from external forces such as fire, water, storms, and theft. In addition, safes also provide peace of mind just knowing the things you cherish are in a certain place and as safe as possible from most dangers.  Safes come in all sizes for all types of needs and uses. Finding the proper safe to fill your needs will require evaluating where and why you are going to use your safe.

The location you plan to put your home safe is a major determinator when selecting your safe. A large safe ideally should be placed on the lowest level in a home with concrete or a solid strong nonflammable surface beneath it. You do not want a safe to fall through the floor if the floor collapses or is damaged in fire or flood. One manufacturer, Liberty Safes, has been in operation for more than 3 decades and builds around 85% of home and gun safes sold in the US.  Liberty offers larger safes capable of storing your valuables for up to 110 minutes at 1200 degrees. Smaller safes can be in closets or cabinets out of sight and convenient for accessibility and use. These lighter weight safes are even more secure if kept behind a locked door. Liberty also offers the smaller home safes that offer 60 to 90 minutes fire rating at 1200 degrees. Some safes can be built into walls and home structures. These provide excellent protection from thieves and are often hidden entirely from view.  When storing a firearm in your home safe, safety is a double-edged sword. It is not only important to keep your weapon safe, but it is critical you keep your weapons out of the hands of children and others that could harm themselves. Keep your safe locked and select a location in a space away from easy access to curious small children or tempting to outsiders.

Why you need a safe defines which safe (or safes) is right for you.  Many times, multiple safes are a better solution than one large safe. If you need to store documents according to type, such as family keepsakes apart from business forms such as titles, deeds, insurance policies etc. several safes make sorting, filing and locating papers much easier. In addition, multiple safes may be more accessible cost wise. Smaller safes are not as pricey to acquire and may be a better storage option with different features for different needs. If gun storage is the reason, you need to be sure that you consider the size and dimensions of your present collection as well as room for future additions. Also, depending on the gun safes size and location in your home, a dehumidifier and internal lighting might be practical features.

A home safe is a wonderful addition to home security and peace of mind. No matter what size or style you choose, knowing what you want protected is safe and secure, in some ways can be more valuable than the item itself.