New Pistols from the 2024 SHOT show

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New Pistols from the 2024 SHOT show

The SHOT Show 2024 showcased a plethora of new pistols, highlighting the firearm industry's continuous innovation and commitment to providing shooters with a wide array of options for defense, competition, and recreational shooting. This year's event was especially notable for the introduction of several standout models, each designed to meet specific user needs and preferences. Here's an overview of some of the most talked-about new pistols from the show.

Glock 29 Gen.5 and Glock 30 Gen.5: The Glock 29 Gen.5 and Glock 30 Gen.5, showcased at SHOT Show 2024, represent Glock's continuous innovation in compact firepower. The Glock 29 Gen.5 is designed for those who require the power of the 10mm Auto in a size conducive to concealed carry. It maintains a standard 10-round capacity while offering the Gen.5 upgrades such as a flared mag-well for easier reloading, a GMB (Glock Marksman Barrel) for increased accuracy, and a more durable nDLC finish. The Glock 30 Gen.5 follows suit in the .45 Auto caliber, providing a high level of stopping power in a subcompact frame. 

Both models retain the reliability and simplicity Glock is known for, with added features such as the RTF (Rough Texture Finish) grip for secure handling, ambidextrous slide stop levers to accommodate all shooters, and reversible magazine catches. They also feature Glock's Safe Action System, a set of three independent automatic safeties to prevent accidental discharge. The Gen.5 models show Glock's commitment to improving ergonomics and functionality while keeping the trusted elements that define the brand's pistols.

Rock Island Armory RIA 5.0 E: This enhanced version of the previous model features a unique square barrel profile, ultra-low bore axis, and is optic ready. It's designed for ease of production and optimized performance, boasting a 17+1 round capacity. 

Taurus TH10 10mm: The Taurus TH10 10mm is a significant addition to the Taurus handgun lineup, offering a powerful 10mm caliber in a budget-friendly package. This robust semi-automatic pistol is designed for both self-defense and backcountry needs, providing a sturdy option for those who require a bit more stopping power. 

It operates in double/single-action mode, giving shooters the flexibility of a smooth single-action trigger pull after an initial double-action round. The TH10 comes equipped with a hammer-fired system, manual safety, and decocker, enhancing its safety features. Its 15-round magazine capacity is ample for various situations, making it a practical choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable 10mm option.

Kahr X9: The Kahr X9 unveiled at SHOT Show 2024 is a promising entry in the subcompact 9mm market. Catering to concealed carry enthusiasts, it offers a shortened grip for Kahr 10- and 15-round magazines, enhancing concealability without sacrificing capacity. The X9 is also designed for compatibility with popular magazines from Sig Sauer P365 and Springfield Hellcat, adding versatility. With options for a double-action or single-action trigger, the X9 provides a customizable shooting experience, and its optic-ready feature caters to modern shooters looking for a red dot-equipped carry pistol

Smith & Wesson SD9 2.0: The Smith & Wesson SD9 2.0, highlighted at SHOT Show 2024, is an updated version of the well-regarded SD9 series. This refresh offers a flat face trigger with a lighter and crisper pull, a design shift aiming to improve shot control and accuracy. It maintains the compact size and ergonomic design that made its predecessor a popular choice, comparable to the Glock 19 in terms of dimensions, with a 4-inch barrel and a weight of 22.7 ounces.

The pistol is equipped with a white three-dot sighting system and comes with a 16-round metal magazine that is compatible with previous Sigma and SD magazines. Enhanced with more aggressive slide serrations and top serrations to reduce glare, the SD9 2.0 continues to offer reliability and a no-frills approach while being one of the most affordable options from Smith & Wesson, with an MSRP of $299​

Hammerli Forge H1 .22 LR: The Hammerli Forge H1 .22 LR, revealed at the SHOT Show 2024, brings the classic 1911 style into a .22 caliber platform. This full-size pistol mirrors the heft and feel of its .45 ACP counterparts, offering minimal recoil and an ideal setup for training or recreational shooting. Its fixed barrel design and threaded muzzle make it an excellent choice for suppressor use, while the 1911-style operation preserves the traditional shooting experience many enthusiasts cherish.

TISAS Night Stalker SF DS9: The TISAS Night Stalker SF DS9, featured at SHOT Show 2024, is an affordable 2011-style, double-stack 1911 pistol. It boasts a threaded muzzle, is optic ready with an RMSc footprint, and is compatible with most 2011 magazines. This Turkish import aims to offer shooters a sub-$1,000 option for entering the double-stack 1911 market, blending traditional design with modern features like ambidextrous safety and a polymer grip module. 

Sig Sauer P322 Comp .22 LR: The Sig Sauer P322 Comp is a .22 LR rimfire pistol designed for competition and introduced at SHOT Show 2024. It's an upgraded version of the standard P322 and features a 4-inch barrel with a factory-installed two-port compensator to reduce muzzle rise.

 The pistol also comes with a SIG RomeoZero Elite red-dot optic for quick target acquisition. It has an extended magazine catch and an adjustable trigger shoe, adding to its competition-ready design. With a weight of 19.8 ounces and a sight radius of 6 inches, this pistol is tailored for fast, accurate shooting. It is marketed as a fun and flat-shooting gun ideal for plinking, with a class-leading capacity and competition-ready features that raise the bar for the .22 plinking experience.

Colt Blued Pythons: Colt has introduced new versions of its iconic Python revolvers with a blued finish, available in 4.25" and 6" barrels, catering to Colt purists and revolver aficionados.

Daniel Defense H9: The Daniel Defense H9, unveiled at SHOT Show 2024, marks Daniel Defense's entry into the handgun market with a model that combines the ergonomics of the classic 1911 with the modernity of a striker-fired pistol. The H9 is a 9mm firearm featuring a 4.28-inch barrel, a low bore axis for reduced muzzle rise, and faster follow-up shots, and a straight-pull, 1911-style trigger system with an integrated safety blade. It has ambidextrous controls and an optics-ready slide, catering to customization and versatility. The frame is crafted from 7075 aluminum, and the slide is CNC machined, with the gun featuring a carbon steel fiber optic front sight and dovetail cut rear sight.

The pistol supports the most popular red dot optics, comes with a reversible magazine release, and is equipped with a cold hammer-forged barrel known for precision. It also includes G10 polymer grip panels on its black anodized aluminum frame, which can be swapped out if desired. The H9 includes three 15-round carbon steel double-stack magazines with a low-friction finish for smooth operation. It weighs just under 30 ounces unloaded and promises the Daniel Defense quality with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The H9 has an MSRP of $1,299 and is expected to be available soon after its debut.

EAA Corp. Girsan Witness 2311 Series: The EAA Corp. Girsan Witness 2311 Series, revealed at SHOT Show 2024, is a comprehensive lineup of M1911-style handguns that are available in various chamberings such as 9 mm Luger, 10 mm Auto, and .45 ACP. They come in different barrel lengths and offer models that are optic-ready and target-sighted.

These double-stack pistols are built on a hybrid frame design, featuring an enlarged polymer grip frame with an integrated magazine-well funnel for quick reloads and a Picatinny rail for accessories. Additionally, they feature skeletonized hammers and triggers, and a beavertail grip safety. With an MSRP starting at $999, the Witness 2311 series aims to provide a high-quality yet affordable range of pistols for firearm enthusiasts.

Kimber R7 Mako Tactical: The Kimber R7 Mako Tactical, showcased at SHOT Show 2024, is a significant extension of Kimber's micro-compact handgun line. It features a 3.7-inch threaded barrel that is suppressor-ready, providing extra versatility for the user. The pistol is available in both Optic Ready and Optic Included configurations, with the latter coming with a Holosun HS407K red-dot sight.

This model supports a 15+1 round capacity and is designed to enhance the everyday carry (EDC) experience, with a Picatinny rail for adding accessories like lights and lasers. It has TruGlo Tritium Pro Night Sights for better visibility in low light conditions. The R7 Mako Tactical offers a balance of light weight and compact size with a polymer frame and stainless-steel barrel, aimed at comfortable carry and reliable performance. The MSRP for this model is $951, promising a competitive price for the features offered. 

Ruger Redhawk .22 Hornet: The Ruger Redhawk .22 Hornet is a new addition to Ruger's revolver line, offering an eight-round capacity and a 9.5-inch barrel to maximize the ballistics of the fast .22 Hornet round. Built for ruggedness with a stainless steel construction, this double-action revolver is designed for precision shooting with an adjustable rear sight and a fiber-optic front sight. The triple-locking cylinder ensures stability and accuracy during firing. With a significant weight of 66 ounces unloaded, the revolver is easy to handle due to reduced felt recoil. This model, with its extended barrel and potent cartridge, is an ideal choice for varmint hunting and target shooting. The MSRP is set at $1,499, reflecting its quality and specialized chambering.

SHOT Show 2024 has clearly demonstrated that the industry is moving forward with innovative designs that cater to a wide range of shooting disciplines and preferences. From classic revolvers with modern twists to cutting-edge race guns and budget-friendly options, there's something for every shooter among this year's new releases.