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Mark's Service Department

We have a team of people ready to serve you for all your service needs!

We have a extensive list of services we offer. See below details of how we can assist you.

3 Full Time Gunsmiths on-site!

Our services range from simple clean and lubes to trigger jobs and custom builds. Firearm repairs are also a specialty of ours! We have anywhere from 50 to 100+ firearms in our service department depending on the season. Turn around time is anywhere from 1-6 weeks on most firearms. On firearms where parts are hard to find; time frame can vary greatly.

  • Clean and Lube $35
  • Night Sight Install $30(Free if sights purchased from us)
  • Sling swivel drilled and installed $25
  • Stock trigger jobs approx. $50
  • Threading barrel $100
  • 100 Yard firearm sight in $35(you provide ammo)

We Cerakote firearms as well!

Rifles/ Shotguns:

  • Full Firearm
  • Stock Only
  • Metal Only


  • Full Pistol
  • Slide Only

Fishing Service

We contract out rod and reel repairs to local specialist. Turn Around time varies depending on season. Estimate 1-3 weeks or more if parts need to be ordered.

  • Rod guide replacement $10ea
  • Rod tip replacement $10 (in store while you wait)
  • Fresh water reel cleaning $25
  • Salt water reel cleaning $35

Archery Service

We have a full service archery department ready to get you taken care off. From custom builds to adjusting peep sights; they can do it all!

Some of the most frequently asked service question/ prices:

  • New Bow String $125 + $25 Labor. These strings are custom made by Patrick Crocker and built to order.